Sure it’s empty outside. But not inside. No, not in your home, precious soul, where you may be cooped up with folks. I mean inside—yourself. Explore at will.

Most of us made a mad dash into 2020 with the best intentions. A new year. A new decade. A new outlook. And then March arrived and along with it a pronounced COVID-19 pandemic. Everything screeched to a halt. The term “social distancing” was born and suddenly the Here and Now found us sequestered at home, distanced from many of the things we truly appreciate and which may have defined parts of us on some level — loved ones, office mates, the gym, restaurants, that groovy java barista, the entertainment venue we often frequented.

Not be left out: Our favorite…

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Doris Day passed away on May 13, 2019, and it got me thinking about life and After Life again. What happens to “me” when I become “No Longer Me.”

“Me In The Ethers” that is.

Death. That sort of thing.

My, oh my. I fear this may not be the best way for us to get to know each other. I’m barely “in” and I’m already talking about going “out.”

But stay with me here.

I thought about it and after I die, I would like parts of my remains shot into fireworks. Meaning, I want to become part of…

The icon’s “This Filthy World” romp is edgy and relevant.

William Burroughs once referred to John Waters as “The Pope of Trash.” To be sure, the prolific writer-author-artist-filmmaker of such 1970s and ’80s envelope-pushers as Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Hairspray, Polyester, and Cry Baby, has earned that title—in the very best, and creative way, of course.

Funny enough, Waters says that the culture may have caught up with him. “When I was young I got arrested for doing the exact same work,” he recently told me in an interview with Palm Springs Life.

I tell stories for a living. Some of them are fiction. Some of them are real. Others are downright surreal. To be sure, the times in which we currently find ourselves living may fit into the latter and, by the looks of it, collectively, we are all being affected on some level. At the very least, it sure seems that many people have strong opinions on what is currently unfolding in America under the influence of №45. (Why that is so, I explain in detail later.)

During a recent meditation, Insight and Excitement crawled into the spiritual bed with me…

I was having one of those days. Emotions stirred within. It was challenging to stay in the present moment. Nothing seemed to make much rational sense in terms of what I was doing with my life.

Until GOD showed up.

But first …

For years, I thrived as a journalist. As an author, I produced a memoir about my Polish ancestors that was well received. Yet life beyond those eras seemed to suddenly take a pause. The “Pause” led me to Maui — not a bad pause, all things considered. …

Great fables and soul-stirring mysteries from the mystics professed (more or less) that the “Gods don’t need to show off—they are always ‘hiding’ in the bushes.”

How true that is for the quirky, off-the-beaten path restaurant in Manilla known as Van Gogh is Bipolar. Here, bipolar chef/owner Jetro Rafael has given birth to nothing short of a miracle: A haven where his guests are invited to celebrate their “imperfections” and “embrace their flaws and weaknesses.”

(So … when is the next flight to Manilla?)

Van Gogh is Bipolar has generated consistent buzz for more than five years now. But…

The news cycle during the first week of June 2018 began like most weeks had over the last year: “Trump Did This.” “Trump Said That.” America watched on, transfixed as the world’s most morbid reality show kept playing itself out.

But a more haunting turn came midweek when it was reported that Kate Brosnahan Spade, the iconic creator of a stellar handbag line, hanged herself in an apparent suicide Tuesday at her Manhattan apartment. She was 55. The ripple effects of Spade’s death had far reach. Questions poured in: “How could such a successful business woman and mother, somebody who…

Between Mother’s Day and all the brouhaha surrounding Russia and Putin, I find myself ruminating on my Polish family, particularly the stength of the women in my clan.

Growing up in Chicago, I always heard about the steely resolve of my maternal Polish grandmother, Jadwiga Wilk Migut. Jadwiga died before I was born in the 1960s, but she was often talked about during holiday gatherings where my large Polish clan gathered around dinner tables that, technically, could only seat eight people. …


The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) began commercial service in June 2017. It is now transporting crude oil from the Bakken/Three Forks production areas in North Dakota to a storage and terminalling hub outside Pakota, Il.

Oil flow didn’t happen without resistance, of course, as thousands of water protectors gathered at Standing Rock for much of 2016 and in early 2017. Those peaceful protests—and law enforcement’s oft-criticized handling of them—turned heads and generated headlines. Two years after water protectors descended gathered at Standing Rock, has the dust settled?


What began with a single teepee on the ground to protest DAPL’s…

Greg Archer

Author, Editor, Multimedia Journalist, Humorist. Grace Revealed: A Memoir available on Amazon.

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